Via Giosuè Carducci, 15
90141 Palermo
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Benedetto Biondo is quite a character


Heir of a family of restaurateurs who have reached the fifth generation, always balancing storytelling and service. Passionate about his land and his sea. Before having a seat at the table, Benedetto will invite you to discover his cantina, where he collects bottles but also very beatiful ceramics.


The environment presents itself with the typical hospitality of the trattorias, with a colored entrance like a Sicilian cart, and then photos, vases and dishes filling the walls. The kitchen is exposed


Here are the traditional dishes that have maintained Arab influence over the centuries, starting with the sweet and sour but also the richness and complexity of the cuisine of the " Monzu' ". All framed by profusion of veggies and fruit inserted every dish, exuberant and exorbitant. Sicilian cuisine guarded by volcanic soil and the omnipresent sun that transforms taste and color. Here also the dessert can be strong and aggressive, without half measures.