da Pina

Via S. Pietro, PANAREA ( Isole Eolie )
98O50 Lipari
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da Pina, famous all over the world, is a mandatory stop


You cannot miss the opportunity to taste the renowned dishes of the delicious cuisine of Pina Cincotta Mandarano. Distinguished guests, political and showbiz personalities, sport champions always come back to Pina because sitting at the table in da Pina Restaurant means impressing on the memory the genuine taste and flavors of the mediterranean 


The restaurant can accomodate many people as it has two large rooms surrounded by lush greenery, furnished with wonderful finely decorated lava stone tables and with typical Aeolian objects that recall the atmosphere of the past


Pina's recipes are the result of years of experience and passion for typical Aeolian cuisine which is now exported all over the world