Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli,
20147 Milano
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Gustatory memory


Alessandro,Fabio e Stefania continue the path started by Aimo and Nadia 60 years ago, projecting their vision into the future with continuity and respect. A creative process that is the result of the work of several hands and minds that find a perfect and recognizable "unicum" in each recipe: a happy synthesis of hospitality, taste memory, contemporary gesture and enhancement of Italian gastronomic culture


The restaurant has been recently renovated: spaces, perspectives, volumes, light have been redesigned. The restyling project expresses, through an accurate selection of materials and furnishings, that Italian quality that "Il luogo" has always told. The renovated rooms, enriched by references to Milanese design from the 50's, retain traces of the history of this place.


Ours is a living kitchen, in which the special attention to the history that the product brings with it, the relationship with the manufacturer and his knowledge and experience, the careful research work on ingredients and, processing tecniques coexist.