Pepe Nero

Viale Ruggero di Lauria, 43
95127 Catania
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Pepe Nero is four restaurants in one


The protagonist of the restaurant is a refined cuisine made from precious and selected ingredients that Pepe Nero reinvents everyday. 


We are located in the heart of Catania; a charming ancient port city on Sicily's east coast.


Fish, with the catch of the day, takes flavor in the traditional cuisine and finds a new and unusual habit in sushi, thanks to a stuff of chefs who bring the fusion reinterpretation of the Japanese-Brazilian historical tradition to the dishes. Also meat lovers will find a vast choice of foreign cuts and seasoned meats to obtain a product with smoked nuances and a full succulent taste. Furthermore, Pizzeria section is a sensorial experience with gourmet pizzas: natural leavening, selected flours and mixed with sea water, which guarantees a persistent degree of flavor without further salt addiction. The pride of the restaurant are the desserts: thanks to our pastry chefs we offer a wide list of artisanal products for all different tastes.