Le cave di Maiano

Via Cave di Maiano, 16
50141 Fiesole
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Eating here means tasting the authentic cuisine of Florence and its region


Le cave di Maiano, a historic wine shop that already became a trattoria in the 1800s, has always been a place of hospitality and refreshment linked to the tradition of Tuscan cuisine.


Tuscan hills, terraces of vine and oil trees. Your eyes fill with the sight of the countryside around and the breathtaking Florence view. Inside you will find two large rooms and a small room surrounded by what was once a trheshing floor and today is a panoramic shaded by lime trees


The cuisine is faithful to the Florentine tradition whose history it tells. The chefs create the menu with artisan care, using local products to cook dishes that speak about the flavors with which Tuscany has always grown