Trattoria Coco Lezzone

Via del Parioncino, 26/r
50100 Firenze
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Coco Lezzone was born in a characteristic street of the historic center in the early 19th century, first as a shop "da Corrado", then in the seventies, as a temple of cooking with the management of Gianfranco Paoli and his family who handed down the restaurant to his son Gianluca and right arm Fabrizio Noferini. Still today they carry with honor the tradition of the Trattoria and the most typical Florentine cuisine.


The interioris are those of a classic Florentine trattoria. Walls are covered with white ceramic tiles and wooden tables which are warm and charatcteristic


You can taste the dishes of the Florentine gastronomic tradition, cooked slowly and patiently on the fires of a wood-burning kitchen, in the old way, accompanied by excellent Tuscan wines.