Va del Parione, 74 / 76 R Via della Vigna Nuova, 17
50123 Firenze
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Logo Giacomino Consiglia
The House of taste


This place is an integral part of that particular historical-artistic atmosphere that characterizes Florence. Housed in a 14th century building, it joints 2 of the oldest streets in the city: Via del Parione e Via della Vigna Nuova.


The atmosphere of ancient Tuscan tradition is reflected in the elegant and welcoming style with which the 2 rooms and the cellar are furnished.


The Chef Giovanni Tarantino, with the help of his staff, prapers the classic dishes of Tuscan cuisine flavoring them with a pinch of imagination, creatively enriching all the delicacies of our tradition by transforming our kitchen into a real "atelier" of taste.