Antica Macelleria Cecchini

Via XX Luglio, 11 - Panzano in Chianti -
50022 Firenze
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Logo Giacomino Consiglia
Abandon all hope, Ye who enter: you are into the hands of Macellaio


Dario says:" I try to keep both the value of my work and the tradition of my family high. A man must be like a tree: the roots in the heart and the foliage in the sky. It must have firm feet in the tradition, in order to take nourishment from it, and the head in the contemporary, free to create with responsability and common sense.


Historically, Panzano has found itself battered repeatedly. Located almost directly in the middle of the constantly feuding powers of Siena and Florence, it was destroyed in 1260 and again in 1397 and then again in the 1400's and 1500's when it changed hands back and forth between Florence and Siena. What remains of the original medieval center is now incorporated in the bell tower of the church in the Panzano Alto. 


Come to discover "L'officina della bistecca", "Solociccia" or "Dario Doc": different menus for different moments of the week